“Danny Clifton and Daniel Dresner are such a superb team at ACI.  They both have the same end goal – encouraging actors to be truthful and authentic  – but their individual approaches couldn’t be more different. Danny lets you lose your shit, and Daniel doesn’t take any…”

Tanya Chainey

“The range of opportunities presented at ACI is wonderful and a way of getting to know my strengths as well as where my work has to be done to challenge myself.  The ACI coaches deliver in diverse ways which means I am challenged both in the craft and the art, and most importantly I am challenged in myself to explore my storytelling as far as it can go while being as authentic as possible on screen. I have learned so much and feel others are also engaged in my journey as there are so many creative people to meet in this community”

Elizabeth Gartside

“ACI classes have given me a much-needed boost in my Acting career. I feel on the ball, truthful and learn something new in every class. I’d recommend the classes to any Actor looking to sharpen their skills. To top it off, Danny, Daniel and Lorna are the loveliest bunch of people”

Daisy Boyden 

“ACI is working closely with a lovely variety of talented and committed fellow actors on particular scenes, in person and on Zoom (and it’s always exciting and demands different kinds of exertion, working with someone new, so really helpful);  Having our co-work attended to by shit-hot teachers, and shaped and developed in interesting and exciting ways:  noticing everything they say, how they’re working watching others, and watching their transformations …”

Penelope Maynard

“ACI classes have   already brought much to my acting skills. I love that there are two teachers, Danny and Daniel with two different methods..so enriching! It is a pleasure working with such a great group of actors, really lovely and talented people across the board – ACI opens many doors for actors and provides valuable tools for the craft.I have definitely found my home, my tribe. here’s to continuing to learn and grow, thanks Danny and Daniel” 

Tammy Appenzellar

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