How can I apply?
Go to the relevant web link:
Core Class / Limited Session Class / Self Taping Class
You can email us here for any questions.

What is the cost of class? 
See relevant pages for cost of class.

How do I get to work with Daniel and Danny?
Email us (or fill in the contact section on the contact page) Both Daniel and Danny personally review every application.

Do you offer Audits?
We welcome audits. However, we ask that due to the vulnerable, sensitive nature of classes,
and to give respect to those actors who are working in that class, we restrict the number of
audits per class to two actors maximum. As a result, there may be a short wait for you to be
able to audit a class.

Do you offer 1-2-1 work? 
Yes – Both Daniel and Danny regularly work with Actors on a 1-2-1 basis. They cover life coaching, audition coaching and one-to-one acting coaching. For further information and for pricing, please email us.

How do you choose your teachers?
Every teacher we work with is aligned to our core beliefs and values – they are all industry professionals with vast experience working in the profession. Often we bring in guest, specialist teachers (eg Accent work, Vocal work) who will continue to hold our ideals when they teach.   

What is your Covid Policy for In Person classes?

  1. We require a Covid test to be taken the evening before or the morning of each day and for
    you to provide the tutor with a photo of the negative result. Failure to do so will mean the
    student will not be able to attend in-person classes. This is to protect everyone.
  1. If anyone presents Covid symptoms, or is living with someone who presents Covid symptoms,
    they are obliged to contact ACI asap so we can take appropriate measures 
  2. The spaces we are using for in-person sessions are shared spaces. They will be cleaned but
    extra care must be taken when using bathrooms, staircases, doorways etc. If you have a
    cough or sneeze, please use a tissue and wash your hands. 
  3. We do not enforce the use of masks in sessions, but any student can use a mask if they wish
    without prejudice. 
  4. We encourage the following of guidelines set out by Public Health England and the
    government – these guidelines do change and can be seen here:
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