Danny Clifton

I’ve been a casting assistant, agent and actor. I run the Union Management agency and have 4 agents working for 85 partners. We work across the board in Film, TV, Commercials, Stage and Corporates.

I also run the Online Actors Retreat where we connect actors worldwide with casting directors, agents, managers and other industry professionals. 

I connect with actors worldwide in workshops about the Business of Acting (it is a business, like any other) and Life from the Agent’s Perspective which involves what a good agent does, how they work, expectations, what to bring to the relationship and how to work when you don’t have an agent. 

I hold weekly meditation, creativity and connection workshops.

My teaching work is based in simplicity. To get out of your head and into your body more. This being a visual medium, we pay attention more when something isn’t being said than when something is. 

Learning to let go of control and stepping into a power greater than you is both a scary and more effective way of being -we have to trust ourselves a lot more than before. 

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