• £ 130 a month. 
  • 6.30pm-8.30pm
  • 4 classes 

Self-Tape Classes

remote class

These sessions are taught by Danny who coaches self tapes with both his Casting and Agent hat on – he sees many, many tapes on a weekly basis so this will be a valuable session to take if you want mastery of your taping auditions.

Self-tapes have been important for a long time and with Covid shutting down many in-person auditions they have taken on a whole new purpose. An authentic self-tape has become a necessity as has the mastering of the skills to produce them.

In these sessions, we talk about the technical set up but with a greater focus on the art of connection in the scene. We explore making your reader (and yes it has to be a reader, not a post it note or a doll!) the star of the audition.

Actors who regularly book work from self-tapes know that the relationship between you and your reader is paramount. It’s about making clear decisions in the scene, sometimes with very short notice. Approach the work and let go of control and the need to ‘get everything right’. Favour the development of the very human side of imperfection.

Having a great technical kit, expensive lights, microphones and a camera is far less important than actually being human in the scene.

In these weekly 2-hour sessions you will develop the art of listening, develop deeper opinions about the character (clue: it’s all you), play with connection and improvisational exercises and enjoy getting out of your own way and your head.  This is practical whether we are reading for film, TV or commercials (look out for our specific self-tape for commercials workshops)

You may also receive recorded footage from the session.

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