• 6 Week Pick n’ Mix Course.
  • £35 per class OR £175 for all 6 (that’s one free class)
  • 7th January 1-3pm BST
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Pick n Mix Online Course

remote class

Week 1: Script Analysis – JENN
Learn how to dissect a script, mine it for information, and apply it quickly to auditions and characters. We’ll discuss how to research a project and utilize the information available to make the best choices regarding tone and character. And when no information is at your disposal, how to make choices that are interesting and also make sense for the script. Is the script vague or boring? Great – now’s the time to put your epic imagination to work and have some fun with it. Learn how to make the most viable choices with the information available to you and ensure that your audition is noticed and remembered.
Week 2: Commercial Self Tape Class  DANNY 

This is a Limited numbered class because self tapes are required in advance. 

Commercial Self tapes are an art. Commercials are an art in themselves – a staple of our work, they account for 60-70% of most agencies product.

Casting can take more of a chance on ‘unknown talent’ then they can with TV/film.  – some casting offices like Hammond Cox, Ali Fearnley and Kate& Lou have built their reputations on getting the best people in for commercial casting – and all of those offices would say similar things, commercials are about the look of an actor yes absolutely, they are also about the talent because if you can nail a series of nuanced expressions that go from hungry, to surprise to satisfied in the 10 seconds you have in a self tape when looking at a cup for an advert for CupASoup or when you have 15 seconds – and to steal Daniel’s class name here – be Real and Believable and say a few lines in the way they want you to say it (note not how you think you should say it), then that is a talent in itself and does not detract from your skill as an artist, it enhances it.

Week 3: The Essence Of You (Casting Types)- JENN
  In this workshop we will discuss what makes you, you. What do people feel just from seeing you walk in a room? What characters can you play without even opening your mouth? We’ll talk about methods of honing in on what your essence is, making it work for you, and how to apply that to the characters you play. A million actors can play a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher…but no one can play it the way you do. Learn how to embrace who you are and use it as your strength to set you apart, instead of fighting to be what you think casting is looking for.
Week 4: Day Player Roles Self Tape – DANNY 

This is a Limited numbered class because self tapes are required in advance. 

A lot of actors talk about ‘getting that first day player role’. Casualty, Doctors, Hollyoaks, Eastenders, Coronation Street etc offer these roles frequently.

In this week we will look at the way Day Player roles are booked and how as actors we can serve the story while still making an impact, balancing being noticed while not being the main focus of the story. – sides will be sent in advance

Week 5: Cold Reading For Auditions – JENN  
This is a limited numbered class because of scripts sent on the day and feedback
Many actors know how to apply their technique and spend days preparing the perfect audition, but what happens when you have to walk in the room and get handed something new? Learn how to make quick decisions and trust your gut to bring forward a truthful, authentic audition when you have only moments to read over a script and prepare. In this workshop every participating student will be given a different script with 5 minutes to read it over, make their choices, and do a mock audition. There will be feedback on what works and what can be improved upon, how and when to make a bold choice, and how to lean into your instinct under pressure.
Week 6: Getting in the flow of your creativity.DANNY
Work will be sent in advance of this class.  
We are all creative beings. As Actors we have a natural tap which we can access our creativity at any time. This week can be described as ‘a box of tools for your heart’ – Everyone needs to creative tune up from time to time and doing this week will show you how to empower yourself more creatively and how to use your new tools to help your creative tap flow more freely. This in turn will enable you to step into your artist life and become more active rather than passive.
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