• May 24th Tuesday 10.30am-4.30pm
  • £120
  • The Audition House, 129a Whitfield St, London W1T 5EQ.
  • A maximum of 10 attendees

The Challenge in Continuity

in person class


Continuity is a key component of screen acting and requires duplicating your actions in different camera positions, so editing can make the scene appear continuous and seamless.

Can this limitation be absorbed, and even turned into a benefit to film performance?

And how much remains the responsibility of the actor, and not the director or script supervisor?

In this in-person, hands-on workshop, writer-director RICHARD KWIETNIOWSKI will give you a thorough understanding of continuity and how it can be mastered, before inviting you to take on a practical challenge.

The day will end with playback for analysis and discussion. An amazing insightful workshop not to be missed! 

Richard Kwietniowski has made internationally distributed feature films Love and Death on Long Island (John Hurt and Jason Priestley) and Owning Mahowny (Philip Seymour Hoffman and Minnie Driver), in addition to work for British TV and a number of acclaimed short films, including Alfalfa and Flames of Passion. His work has received awards from the Cannes Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, New York Film Critics Circle, US National Board of Review, Royal Television Society, D&AD (Gold and Best of Year), and BAFTA. He teaches directing, screenwriting and acting-to-camera at a range of institutions in the UK and beyond and has contributed to many European initiatives in feature-film development. He is a Senior Lecturer at London Film School, where he co-supervises all graduation films.


COVID POLICY FOR IN PERSON CLASSES We have a duty of care to ourselves, our students and for everyone who works in and attends the place of residence where we will be holding the in person sessions. Below is our policy regarding Covid-19 and how we are working – This policy may change depending on Government guidance and recommendations. 

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has characterised Covid-19 (coronavirus) as a pandemic. This Director-General of WHO stated that “This is not just a public health crisis, it is a crisis that will touch every sector – so every sector and every individual must be involved in the fight.”. We can all ‘do our bit’ and this policy is provided to help you deal with practical situations that may arise due to Covid-19.

  1. If anyone presents Covid symptoms or be living with someone who presents Covid symptoms they are obliged to contact ACI asap so we can make appropriate measures 
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